Friday, September 7, 2012

Mary – 08-19-12 WY/Canada Trip – Waukee, IA to Merriam, KS (Kansas City)

We were in 3 states today - IA, MO, and KS. In Kansas City, we crossed the Missouri River and the Kansas River. It is always easy to tell when the trip is coming to a close -- the state's Thank You and Welcome signs seem to come faster and faster.

Today was another very special day. We were able to spend the night just south of Kansas City, KS and have dinner with our very dear friend Brad. We first met and worked with Brad when the three of us were working on a TDY (temporary dudy) assignment in Puerto Rico. Many of you have probably heard the 'OMG, there is a drought here' stories from Puerto Rico. If you haven't, let me simply say it was a real bonding experience when everyone knew everyone else's personal hygiene habits. Brad even took a shower in our condo because there was no water at his for 48 hour spans. Anyway, Brad is a wonderful, kind, funny and inspirational person we are proud to call our friend. We love you Bradster!


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