Friday, September 9, 2011

Figment – 09-04-11 WY/UT Trip – Casper, WY to Moran, WY

Most of today was very flat plains with some deep canyons. We went quite a few miles thru the Wind River Indian Reservation. When we went thru Dubois, the mamas said they really liked the town and I know they had been admiring a lot of log homes built right by the river.

Finally, we started our gradual climb toward the Tetons. After Shoshone, we crossed the Continental Divide and 9,658’ Togwotee Pass. As luck would have it (that’s the mamas talking J ), right near the top there was a lot of roadwork and the pavement just stopped. I probably went a couple of miles on dirt road that was just jarring my insides, well my suspension anyway. I must say I did a fine job though.
We’re camped about ¼ mile from a ranch near Moran that Mama Conni worked on when she was about 14-15. It’s just beautiful here, just look to the east and the Tetons are right there towering over the valley. I think this will be our home base for the next few days.
OK, it’s been a really long day and I’m hitting the sack.

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