Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conni – 07-27-14 Banff Trip –Lake Louise Outing

Today we loaded up Bentley and headed to one of our favorite places to eat in Lake Louise. As we were going down Tunnel Mountain from our campground, we saw a yearling bear. Since it was a two lane road and other people trying to look, Mary only got a few quick shots. He was pretty shaggy with a lot of winter coat left.



It was a beautiful drive, mostly along the Bow River, to Lake Louise. Our favorite place, an old train station restaurant, was closed for some event. So, up the mountain toward Lake Louise. We had lunch at the Deer Lodge. For those who remember J, we’ve had meals here before with Shirley, Gail, Bob, and Francoise. Lots of beautiful flowers and hanging baskets.




We didn’t go the extra few hundred yards to Lake Louise. There were so many people that it made it an easy decision to bypass since we’d seen it several times before, in winter and summer.

Next we took the beautiful route toward Moraine Lake to snap some shots of hanging glaciers and the mountain stream following the road.



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  1. Mary, Mary. :( Looks like you took another tumble. I love you!!!!!!!!! Hope you felt better than you look...not that you don't look good! You just look sore!