Monday, July 28, 2014

Mary – 07-15-14 Banff Trip – Buffalo, WY

Down to four hours of driving per day …. a much better pace for me. We saw so many horse ranches and beautiful open pastures in the rolling hills. There were beautiful plateaus and mountains along the way. We saw at least two massive coal trains coming from Gillette, WY, where we attended our most recent RVing Women’s rally. While there we toured the coal mining operations including loading coal into train cars. Along the way, we also saw an older wind mill that was powered with a big solar panel. Interesting to see the old west technology alongside the modern solar technology. Didn't catch a pic, darn.

Bentley isn’t so crazy about riding in the RV. Roads are bumpy, which makes things shake and rattle inside. He stays right with me the whole time we’re on the road – about 98% of his time is lying at my feet in the cab. He is managing to get a lot of loving by staying right in front of me. He gets lots of petting and back scratching, which feels as good to me as it must to him.

It was raining off and on as we pulled into our RV Park. We setup and took showers then headed across the highway to the Bozeman Steak Restaurant for dinner. Bentley had to stay home because of the rain. We ate at the same restaurant and recalled it was good the last time we stayed in Livingston. We weren’t quite as impressed this time – will definitely order steak the next time. Rain was really falling as we walked back to the RV. Fortunately, we each an umbrella and it actually was a good feeling – playing in the rain.

Bentley and I checked out our neighbors in the RV park.

We got up early this morning after a good night sleep. The rain had stopped and the temperature was a cool 54°. YES! Conni walked a couple of blocks to pick up some breakfast. Started up the crock pot with one of Shirley’s yummy chicken crock frozen meals.

We crossed into Montana with more of the lovely rolling hills and, for the first time this trip, snowcapped mountains. Lots of horses and cows with newborn babies. Conni pointed out three particularly beautiful horses and then a palomino. Something didn’t seem quite right with the palomino. As we got closer we both realized it was a cow. Gave us a good laugh.

Feeling blessed to still be able to travel North America … such a fabulous country.

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