Monday, July 28, 2014

Conni – 07-25-14 Banff Trip –Banff, AB (Norquay & Sunshine)

Went out looking for wildlife again today. No luck. Don’t think we’ve ever been here this long without seeing something interesting. Maybe it’s too cold? It’s been about 40 in the mornings, with a high around 60 most days. Maybe a day or two it hit 70. We wanted cooler weather, but another 10 degrees would be about right. 

We drove up to two ski resorts. The first is Norquay, which is just out of town. It’s a short route with sharp switchback roads and is really beautiful. It affords a really pretty view down on the town of Banff, but today was totally overcast, so no clear pics. Typically, we see mountain goats along this road, but not today.

Next, we drove several miles out of town to the Sunshine Ski Resort.

Ran into a lot of busses leaving there from taking hikers further up the mountain to see wild flowers and animals. Had some hot chocolate, which hit the spot. It was very active here compared to Norquay. Lots of people working on putting in new cabling for the ski lift for next winter. Check the size of the cable! Also, they had some gondolas that were just frames now. So, lots of work ahead for them.

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