Monday, July 28, 2014

Figment – 07-16/17-14 Banff Trip – Livingston to Great Falls, MT

Nice drive today. The road was a little less bumpy, mostly. I’m an old hand now and have been this route before, but it’s really beautiful. Lots of rolling hills and mountains in the near distance. A few horses here and there, but mostly lush rolling pastures.

Now comes the best part. It’s one of three of Mama Conni’s favorite drives. It’s the road between Helena and Great Falls. Unfortunately, there’s just not room for me to pull over and let them take pictures. I heard we’ll be stopping in Helena on the way back though. I think they have a little side trip in Gully Jumper planned so you can see what it looks like too. Anyway, it follows a river and goes thru close canyons.

We arrived in Great Falls and our campground was having a Airstream rally. Lots of chrome! Never knew they also made Class A (no longer) and Class B rigs. So, naturally, while the Mama’s were gone, I got in some visiting. I must say they’re pretty cute, but I outshine them all.

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