Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mary – 07-14-14 Banff Trip – Cheyenne, WY

When we reached Denver we found our way to the suburb of Aurora where BLD is located. I had talked to the owner, Katrina, a couple of months ago about the best time to order Bentley’s mobility harness. I decided to wait until he turned 18 months and x-rays confirmed his bones and plates were fully developed and set. It was very nice having the experts do the measuring for us since we were getting different numbers every time we tried.  Katrina custom makes the mobility service harness (MSH) and I think it helped her seeing him in person. She was so impressed with his beauty and build, she asked if she could use him to model her infinity harness. He did a very good job of posing – not something he does for me. As thanks, she gave us an infinity collar AND a new leather collar. It is beautifully made. This was a two hour delay, but well worth it to me. We’ll pick up the harness on our way home so they can do a perfect fitting and teach me.

The RV Park in Cheyenne had a small BBQ restaurant on the grounds. The food was good and the location was perfect. We try not to unhitch the toad (Jeep) during the one night stops.

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