Friday, October 7, 2011

Figment – 09-22-11 WY/UT Trip - SLC to Moab

On the way out of Salt Lake City, the mamas bought me a nice folding ladder. I hear that’s going to make a difference in how clean my face stays, so I’m pretty happy.
Today I drove thru miles and miles of construction. Sure glad Mama Conni has it down pretty good now how to center me between twin concrete barriers. Sometimes, it sure was tight.
We went thru lots of desert and that got a little boring. But, after a while, we were in beautiful red mountains. I got to go thru some canyons and that was fun.
They parked me in a very nice spot where I can admire the mountains while they go trekking tomorrow. I like that much better than always watching TV or reading books. But, hey, I’ve learned a lot doing that too.
OK, outta here, it’s been a long day.

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