Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mary - 09-22-11 WY/UT Trip - SLC to Moab, UT

The drive to Moab was not unlike driving through a desert with foothills. No trees and limited vegetation on the ground. Some of the mountains have rocky tops while the hills were rounded and barren. Note the picture taken through the cracked and bug guts covered windshield. :( Everything changed when we turned off I-70 towards Moab. We were suddenly surrounded by spectacular views of the deepest red mountains I’ve ever seen. We’re staying just south of town in a park with a view facing the La Sals Mountains (12,721 ft) to the east and the ?? mountains to the west. They tell me the sunrises and sunsets are amazing – I, of course, never see the sun rise. We plan on going to Canyonlands on Friday, 9/23 and then to Arches on Saturday, 9/24. 

Getting closer to Moab
Salt Lake to Moab - Desert
Almost to Moab


I've included a couple of pictures just for fun. The first is a fellow camper walking his Maine Coon cat on a leash. Beautiful cat. I believe the man is the same one I caught on camera a day or two earlier standing in the middle of the street with a purple bath towel wrapped around his waist. I'm not sure if he was coming back from the pool or the shower but it was quite a sight. The second is another RVer we were parked next to at a truck stop. The picture is a bit blurred but I got such a great laugh, I had to share. It is a woman wearing a straw hat, a t-shirt type top and very lightweight cotton pajama bottoms -- note you can see her left leg through the fabric. For some unknown reason, she was heading off towards an area at the edge of the parking lot where there was nothing but gravel and desert plants -- where I walked Sadie.

Maine Coon Kitty

PJ Lady

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