Sunday, October 23, 2011

Figment – 09-28-11 WY/UT Trip – Panguitch, UT to Hurricane, UT

Took the long road today! Mama Conni took me on a long route today to prevent going over 7%+ grades. Of course I think I could have made it J  One real surprise was seeing 80 mph speed limits. That’s a first. It was in several sections of Interstate 15 and was stated as a “test”. I didn’t get to do that though. I had to plug along at 60 or 65 to conserve my appetite and to be safe. Hmmm, they both get a little testy when I eat too much.
It started out going thru some more beautiful canyons, then stretches of desert. We took a windy road off the Interstate to Hurricane, UT. They pronounce it Hurri-cunh – really fast, not like my fellow Americans, but like the British.
Finally!!!!! I got a bath! The mamas sprung for a professional hand wash for me. I feel so good now. Even my top was scrubbed. My feet are all shiny too. I’m sure I’m the envy of the whole park. BTW, the park is the best I’ve ever stayed in. All concrete paved streets and pads, trees, and a little grass for each of us. I could live here J

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