Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mary - 9-24-11 WY/UT Trip - Arches National Park, UT

Water and ice, extreme temperatures, and underground salt movement are responsible for the sculptured rock scenery of Arches National Park. There are over 2,000 arches ranging in size from three foot openings to 306 feet base to base. We didn't see many of the best known arches due to miles long trails; however, those we did see were amazing. I've include a lot of photos since all the rock formations were so incredible. Unfortunately, I don't recall all the rock's names. We will be leaving the Moab area and heading to Bryce tomorrow.
Entrance to Arches National Park

Seems like this would just slide off ...
Slab like rocks called fins.

The Organ

The Gossips

Balance Rock
Delicate Arch

Unusual Plant

We were not at risk!

Rising up from desert.

Sadie baby a week after surgery. Half of left eye sewn shut.
It is really that red - not 'camera flash' red eye.
Note her e-collar (Elizabethan Collar).

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