Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mary - 9-23-11 WY/UT Trip - Canyonlands National Park, UT

Canyonlands, located near Moab in southeast Utah, is Utah’s largest national park. You can look thousands of feet down to the whitewater rapids of the Colorado River or thousands of feet up to the soaring red rock pinnacles, cliffs and spires. The park is divided into three districts. We visited the Island in the Sky district. This is a wide, high plateau with commanding views across many miles of deep red rock canyons in all directions. We did a little hiking - and survived.

Tomorrow, a drive through Arches National Park.

Cliff overlooking Shafer Canyon

Symbols of a protective entity along the trail to the cliff
(as seen by a number of native cultures)
Our symbol

View of Shafer Canyon from Overlook
Note the Road ....

View of Shafer Canyon

Conni and "Toad" (tow Jeep)

Canyons Carved by Rivers


Arch in Canyonlands

View through the Arch

Trees are hundreds of years old but lack of rain prevents growing tall

Sunset View of La Sal Mountains from RV Park

Canyons and more Canyons

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  1. Very nice, one of the stops I want to make next year...