Friday, July 27, 2012

Figment – 07-10-12 WY/Canada Trip – Gillette, WY to Billings, MT
We finally hit the road again. Even though I enjoyed all the visiting with other rigs, I really like to be out on the road seeing new things. We passed very close to the Little Bighorn Battlefield, but did not stop. Just because the Mamas have been someplace before doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t like to see it. But we didn’t take a vote, so…

Little Figment keeping an eye on the road.
Montana here we come!

We spent the nite at the oldest KOA, situated right on the Yellowstone River. It was a pretty nice campground, but the spaces were really better for rigs from a few years back. We had a pull-thru space, but had to disconnect Gully Jumper and back out because there was no room to pull-thru and also make a turn without running into trees or other rigs. Now, you gotta know how the Mamas liked that. We had a bit of rain and Sadie got to try out her new rain gear. From my point of view, it needs a nip here and a tuck there before she can put it to use.

The nice thing though was that the Mamas got a little extra visiting with Dianne and Janis. That was special, but sadly, it will now probably be months before they see them again.
Oh, I almost forgot! I saw my first Peacock. What a beauty, just prancing around the campground. I told the Mamas and they took some pictures.

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