Friday, July 27, 2012

Figment – 07-11/13-12 WY/Canada Trip – Billings to Great Falls, MT
Oh, what a beautiful drive today. The weather was cool and we followed the Yellowstone River for miles. The drive on IH90 and SH287 to Helena was wonderful. Mountains, rivers, lakes – so much to look at and so beautiful. The Mamas got all excited about an area around Townsend. The end of the Canyon Ferry Lake is there and lots of pretty places to build a house and have wonderful views all year. I heard them talking about being worried no one would ever visit because it’s pretty remote. They said Gail would love fishing there though.

We stopped in Helena for the nite, but couldn’t find room due to a Newmar group traveling there. This was the same Newmar group that had been in Gillette, WY prior to our rally. The Mamas had really wanted to spend several days in and around Helena, but that just did not work out this time. We hit the road again headed to Great Falls.
I had heard from the Mamas before that one of their favorite drives in the U.S. was between Helena and Great Falls. I’m so glad they took me to see it too. It really is beautiful. It climbs and has sheer cliffs that come almost to the road in places. Nice little areas of valleys too. Sometimes it follows streams, the Dearborn River, and the Missouri River. Again, the talk of living there. Wonder if we might all move to MT. one day??

Loved this. Black KIA is almost as big as the Black Camper -
both owned by the couple dressed in Black in the background.
Bert and Ernie's Pub in Great Falls

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