Friday, July 27, 2012

Figment – 07-16-12 WY/Canada Trip – Calgary to Cochrane, ABWell, it rained most of the nite and the Mamas had to deal with mud puddles getting me all ready to travel this morning. Not a great park, so I hope we don’t stay there again. The trip should be short over to Balzac. I’m not looking forward to being left alone there, but hopefully it won’t take long.
Should have known. They took me away from the Mamas and I spent several hours in a gigantic shop with some of my cousins. They found out that I had a brake problem with one jack and a motor problem with another. After finding all that, then there was the problem of who would pay to make me well. It could be my birth place, an extended warranty, or even the Mamas. We found out it would take some time to get the parts I need and to figure out the payment, so we left and spent the nite in Cochrane.

A homemade 'RV' built on a trailer. Whatever works, right?
I will say that I saw some of the most beautiful hills, fields, and valleys (without having real mountains involved) that I have ever seen. Mama Conni wanted to take pictures, but it was a 2 lane highway and Mama Mary was driving Gully Jumper, so no pictures. I know that made her sad. Maybe when we go back and I’m pulling Gully, Mama Mary can get those pics. I hope so because I wouldn’t mind seeing them from time to time.
A very nice park here. The Mamas washed my face, so even though my body is all messed up due to the rain and dirty highways, I feel good now. Nite, nite.

Mary - 07-16-12 WY/Canada Trip - Cochrane
The town of Cochrane reminded us a bit of a much smaller Southlake - very quaint with restaurants and shops. We ate at the Blue Dog. Dinner was good but bad marks for being out of ice cream.

The Blue Dog in Cochrane, Alberta

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