Friday, July 27, 2012

Figment – 07-17-12 WY/Canada Trip – Calgary to Banff, ABI drove on Highway 1A and 1 today to Banff. It sure was beautiful. I got to follow the Bow River and it was a color I’ve never seen before. It was really rushing by every time we saw it. I was back in the mountains, even though we were driving in the valley. Mountains on both sides and a river next to me, how can it get any better?
The Mamas took a real chance that we would have a place to sleep for the next 12 nites. The campground is a “first come, first serve”place. As Mama Mary kept saying, ”they’ll have a place for us!” And, they did! I have a prime spot right next to the main road across Tunnel Mountain. The Mamas get to sit on their respective couches and see mountains (up close). If they walk a few yards, they can see the Bow River and the valley. And, we’re only about 5 minutes from town. In other words, it looks like we’re out in the wilderness, but we’re close to everything.
I must say, I really love the place they picked for us. Only sad thing is, I’ll get left behind while they get to see some more beautiful things. They promised to show me the pictures though. The next best thing, I guess.

Parked right across the street from a beautiful overlook of the
Bow River and a view of Mt. Rundle.
Little Figment checking out the view from the side window.

Sadie enjoying her rainy day view
on the dashboard.

Oh, did I tell you that some little Columbia Ground Squirrels (they looked like Prairie Dogs to Mama Conni) watched the Mamas get me all ready for our stay? They were very curious, but would squeal and run down in some holes when anyone got too close. Sadie didn’t like the squeals and would lay her ears straight back and high-tail it when she heard it. So, Mama Conni said the squeals worked J

OK, I’m going to rest now and review all I’ve seen in the past several days. It’s gonna be a good nite. Nite, nite.

Mary – 07-17-12 WY/Canada Trip – Banff, AB
Since the trip to Banff was quick, we got set-up by lunch and headed to our favorite breakfast and dessert spot -- Melissa's. Check out the Brownie Hot Fudge Explosion. Yum!

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