Sunday, November 1, 2015

Conni – 08-13/17-14 Banff Trip –Buffalo, WY

Well, we’re staying in Buffalo again. Nice camp ground and this time we spent enough time to go into town. Even though we’ve stayed here several times, that was a first.
So here’s some shots of a home for sale that really looked interesting and pretty and some of the town.

While here, we took a day trip and drove over a Powder River Pass to Ten Sleep. Ha, it really is a sleepy little town. But, the drive over and back was certainly a worthwhile trip.
Our next day excursion was to find “Hole in the Wall”, a hideout for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They apparently frequented Buffalo and used "the hole" as a hideout. We took the trip in the Jeep and we made it all but about 200-300 yards or so. I don’t see how they ever found it in the first place. Very hard to get to, but easy to guard, I guess. Sorry we couldn’t make it all the way, but it was a very interesting drive. If you didn’t have 4-wheel drive, you couldn’t have made it nearly as far as we did. Saw a little wild life on the way.

And, then we spotted something whimsical - a '57 Chevy motorcycle!


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