Sunday, November 29, 2015

Conni – 11-02-15 NC Trip –OKC, OK

Well, after passing the RV Park entrance (not well marked) once, we got caught under the freeway the second time around with a split second decision to make. Yellow light, lots of traffic: Get thru the light making a hard left turn or cramming on the brakes. We boogied and made the light, but obviously things left on the countertop took a bad hit.
Hunkered down here for the last nite on the road - ate at Outback for a treat. The park was a real surprise. We had stayed here before and remembered it to have trees, nice grass and spaces, etc. There were almost no trees and it was obvious that new grass had been planted everywhere – yet to really take off and cover efficiently. Also, there were new slabs scattered about. When talking to one of the owners, we discovered that it was nearly destroyed in the tornado that hit here back in May and had only been re-opened about a month. A little sobering.  

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