Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mary – 10-04-15 NC Trip – Asheville, NC

Even though more rain was expected, it didn't happen. While it looked like it could start at any moment, we actually had some sun. 
Here are a few shots of our campground area as we exited to head to check out to the city.
We had lunch downtown at the Early Girl Eatery.

The inside - where the crowd appeared to be mostly locals.

We started with fried green tomato Napoleon for an appetizer. There was a spread of feta between layers and a circle of grits around the bottom of the stack.Yum. 

Conni had meatloaf and I had more "southern cooking" - sweet potato and black bean cakes, honeyed beets, and mac & cheese. 

Texas southern cooking is nothing like southern cooking in the Carolina’s – there, everything is fried or smothered in cheese or gravy, but very tasty.
For dessert, a delicious blackberry jam cake.

We then wandered through several unique and quaint shops.
There was an area named “Cat Walk”, with sculptured cats in several settings.

Looking down the wall to the backside - 
See the mouse?
The area had some old and some neat architecture, including Woolworth’s, a giant iron, murals, etc.

And, of course, modern day transportation -
After 7 days of no ab pain I had two episodes an hour apart. I'm thinking it may be time to go home since we aren't able to go to Charleston or the Outer Banks due to the horrific flooding. 
And, when we get home, looks who's waiting. 


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