Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mary – 09-15-15 NC Trip – Little Rock

Went to the Clinton Library today. It was very interesting and exhibits were beautifully organized. It is over 68,000 square feet and the largest presidential library in terms of physical size. It also contains the largest archives.

I used my wheelchair, which turned out to be my best decision of the day because I was able to see more without becoming exhausted.
We only made it through 3/4 of the first floor and the abdominal spasms started again, so we left. They were kind enough to give us access passes for the next day. The attack was severe enough to go to the ER. We asked for directions from a gentleman near us in the parking lot. He realized it was pretty complicated and told us to follow him, he would lead us there. How kind he was to give up a half hour to take us right to the ER entrance. The doctor and nurse were great. The 10 hours waiting to be seen, not so much.

Around hour 7 of the wait


One of our views - **** crack :)
And, finally, the exam room and a little rest, while more waiting.


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