Thursday, November 12, 2015

Figment – 09-16-15 NC Trip – Little Rock

OK, I’ve been holding in several things since the trip started and now it’s time to release a little of that pressure. My steps hurt. That’s one thing, but it hurts my feelings that I’m not able to give 100% to Mama Conni and Mama Mary. Another thing, my front feet hurt, they feel out of whack and I’m not able to give the smoothest ride that I could. Also, my kitchen slide aches a little. I really have to struggle to get it back in when it’s time to leave a campground. Sometimes it takes several attempts. So, I’m hoping that they’re starting to notice the red flags I’m sending up and will address these things for me and for them sooner rather than later. Just sayin’.
Here's a sneak peek at where Bentley sleeps - well, sometimes. He likes to be at the foot of the bed with the cover partially covering him. I think he thinks he's hidden.

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