Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conni – 10-11-15 NC Trip –Galax, VA & Blue Ridge Parkway

After our excursion to Mt Airy, we took a side trip to another part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

At a scenic turnout, there was a man sitting in a folding chair on the sidewalk right at the edge of the parking lot. When we pulled up behind him, without looking, he moved his chair over onto the grass and away from our car. There was only 1-2 other cars there, so we guessed he just came out to contemplate the beautiful scenery.
When I got out to take pictures, he kinda jumped up out of his chair and grinned and posed for the camera. What a surprise and, of course, I wasn’t ready for it.

Well, that started a pretty good conversation. Seems his family settled right near that spot in 1850 and family is still there. He had lived in Florida for some years and had just recently come back home. He told me all about his family history and where they were from. That made me finally ask him what his last name was – since some of my family also came from Scotland and England. His last name was Dean, the same as my grandmother’s. So, I’m betting somewhere way back in that family tree we have ties. Go figure, huh?   
Of course, we also had nice scenery along the Parkway –
Living along the Parkway

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