Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mary – 09-20-15 NC Trip – Memphis

We did all things Elvis today.

We toured Graceland and several buildings on the grounds. It sits on almost 14 acres only about 9 miles from downtown Memphis. It has been opened to the public since 1982 and is one of the most visited private homes in the U.S., behind the White House and Biltmore Estate.



The inside was not "quite" what we expected, quite garish, but there were lots of rooms for entertainment.
Elvis is buried on the grounds next to his mother, father and two other family members, as well as his twin.

We were also able to tour two of his airplanes, the Lisa Marie, and a smaller jet. Note the gold sink and the plastic covering everything. Somehow, that took away from it, but understandable.
Smaller jet
The shuttle then took us to see his cars, motorcycles, and archives.

There were many of his costumes and awards on display. I took pictures of most of them. Here’s a sampling:
As with the Clinton Library, we were thankful for the wheelchair.

We were there 4 hours. I would have been exhausted and ready to leave after 30 minutes. Life is good. The staff was fantastic. Shuttles arrived quickly and there were people at every entrance and exit to make sure I understood how to navigate between exhibits. I just can't say enough about the treatment and friendliness of the entire staff.
From Elvis World, we headed for Central BBQ downtown. It is rated number 1 of the top 10. It was good but we have a lot better BBQ in Texas - just sayin'. However, the banana pudding was the best ever!

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