Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figment - 06-08-10

Whoa, Mama’s making time today. Wants to get to Santa Rosa, NM for the nite. We had a bad start because I needed some transmission fluid and the station in Chama didn’t have any. Quite an ordeal for everyone. They had to disconnect Gully Jumper IV, my dingy, so they could use it to go to an auto parts store. Well, it took forever to get disconnected for some reason. They were sweating by then and not all that happy. Mama Mary moved me to the side of the road and Mama Conni went off to get supplies. The whole thing made us leave quite a bit later than expected. Man, there is nothing to look at between Santa Fe and Santa Rosa. We did stop under a nice enough shade tree (one of very, very few) and Mama’s had lunch.
OK, we made it to Santa Rosa, but my cab air is not cooling very well and the front top a/c has decided to just blow hot air. None of us are happy at this point. To make things worse, it was 100 degrees when we got checked in to the campsite. They turned on the a/c for the bedroom and retreated with Sadie there. Now, I really don’t want to complain, but I was darned hot too! To make things even worse, there was a brownout for a short while.

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