Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Figment – 08-29-11 WY/UT Trip – Gillette, WY

The mamas left me most of the day to attend various seminars about RVs. Why they just didn’t ask me, I don’t know. It was pretty cool most of the day and I enjoyed visiting with other RVs here for the Rally. After the classes, the mamas left for some dinner and I was settled in for the early evening. Well, things kinda went awry rather quickly. It got cooler, dark, and windy all of a sudden. Just bam and it was here. Right after that there was a lot of thunder and lightning. I can tell you, I was pretty scared. All the flags around here were flying straight out and rain was coming down so fast that it just rushed thru the campsite. When the mamas got back, I learned that they had parked Gully Jumper under a building overhang for protection. What about me???? I’m newer, I’m bigger, I’m more expensive! Oh well, they said all was well since there wasn’t any hail that had been predicted. I felt a little better after I found out that they had tried to get back to me earlier.

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