Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figment - 09-08-10

Ok, then, we’re all loaded and it’s pouring buckets. I’m thinking we’ll just sit tight here for a day or two. Hear that this is coming from Hurricane Hermine. Oh my! Their yard is flooding and the street is up. I’ve never seen this kind of stuff before. I hear the mamas saying they’re never seen it like this in north Texas. But, I hear a little about a place named Houston where they used to live. Apparently this is rather common there.
Well I’m not believing this, but it looks like we’re heading out anyway. OK by me. I’m sure I’ll do them a fine job. Wait! My dinghy isn’t hooked up yet. They’re really gonna get drenched in this downpour.
We hit the road right on schedule. Gully Jumper isn’t hooked up, but Mama Mary is driving it behind us. They’re hoping the rain will slack up enough to hook it up soon.
It’s raining so hard that we can barely go 40 mph and most of the time slower. I’ve never seen such flooding. Every little runoff looks like a roaring spring. The Trinity River by downtown Dallas is way out of the banks. The ________ Reservoir has white caps. Really looks bad. The rain is just beating my face something awful, but I’m gripping my toes and moving forward carefully. Gotta keep my mamas and myself safe. Mama Conni is doing a good job too J
Finally! Two and a half hours later and the rain has just about stopped. We’re pulling into a roadside park so Gully can get hitched up. I know Mama Mary is just about fit to be tied. She really doesn’t like driving anyway and this drive sure hasn’t been pleasant for any of us.
Later – I’m really liking this place. We’re in a city-owned park right on the Arkansas River in Little Rock. Well, we’re back one row, but we can all see it just fine. It’s a rather small city, but very clean. I’m right across the river from the Clinton Library. The mamas would like to go there, I hear, but not enough time on this trip. Long day – nite, nite.

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