Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mary – 08-27/30-11 WY/UT Trip –Cheyenne, WY to Gillette, WY

We made it to the Escapee Club Rally (Escapades 51) on Sunday 8/28, as planned, but not without more drama with poor Sadie. It seems the pain drops provided for her corneal ulcer make her blind. On Friday night she fell out of bed. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt herself but she was traumatized and frantic to find a safe place. She ended up between the pillows with her butt up against the headboard where she remained the rest of the night. We discovered in the morning her back legs were hanging off the end of the mattress so she couldn’t move the rest of the night. Oops.  After putting pillows and blankets on the floor all around the bed on Saturday night, she stayed in the middle of the bed with no mishaps. I, on the other hand, almost killed myself trying to get over all the pillows to get to the bathroom.
My brain has slept too many times since Saturday to remember what may have happened other than we drove from Cheyenne to Buffalo. On Sunday we had a short trip to the rally in Gillette, WY. The pictures below were taken between Cheyenne and Gillette. Eastern Wyoming is pretty flat, and boring, but we found a few interesting places to snap. After parking and setting up, we crashed for a bit and then went to the opening ceremony. The facility here is designed for conventions rather than county fairs – much better than the location we attended last year. Everything is in the same building and nicely air-conditioned. Classes began at 8:30 Monday morning so it was another early to bed day.

Conni attended two classes on Monday morning – I finally made it out of bed for lunch and caught a class at 1:00.

Sadie’s eye ulcer is worse – doubled in size. Her ophthalmologist in Grapevine overnighted new drops. Hopefully, this will help the pain and the healing without impairing her vision. In the picture below she is laying in my lap on her back getting her eye drops.

STOP - Please, No More Drops!
Today brought more classes – one on blogging and one on Velcro use in the RV. Both good – bought lots of Velcro. We attended a jam session this evening – guitars, banjo, violin, a drum, and harmonica and assorted other musical instruments. It was great. People played and sang and some danced.

Jam Session at Rally

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