Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figment Too - December 2009

My formal name is “Figment Too”, though my nickname is just “Figment.” More on that later….
I’m a 2008 Newmar coach (RV, motor home). Due to the recession (seemed a depression to me), I left my birthplace in Indiana and sat idly by at an RV dealership until they couldn’t hold on to me any longer. From there, I was temporarily placed at another dealership in Colleyville, TX. I went thru 2 long winters and summers waiting to get adopted, but finally in December 2009, I was saved by a great couple of Texas owners, Conni and Mary.
Now, I must state that this is my first go-round as an RV and a first ownership for them too. So, I’m sure the ride will be interesting. They came and checked me out several times, along with some of my cousins from Indiana. I smiled, grinned (of course I can!), put my best foot forward, and boasted my goodness as best I could. They checked my insides, outsides, top side, kicked the tires, verified cabinet space and sleeping arrangements. In the end, my wonderful personality and bells and whistles won them over with what I had to offer.
Next, they took me for a test drive at a nearby football stadium and I performed my best. Their best might have been questioned just a titch. Seems they weren’t used to my 38’ size. But, they learned to use my mirrors, rear and side cameras, and it didn’t take long before all three of us seemed to be pretty much in sync. This seemed to be the turning point for us all. A new adventure for them and a real home for me. 
More later…………on down the road –

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