Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figment - 09-10-10

Yep, you got it! More rain. I’m doing a really good job though. I do have to be on really high alert because of the slick roads and people jumping into my “safe” space behind other vehicles. That does get a little old.
We were in 3 states today. Started out in Nashville, went thru Kentucky, and then into Indiana. Saw lots of corn fields and some other low leafy fields. None of us knew what that was.
We’re in our site at the Rally. Boy, are they organized. I have about 800 cousins here, the most I’ve ever seen. Big rigs, small rigs, trailers, custom vans, you name it. They’re from so many states. And, the best part, they all said “hi” when I went by. Really made me feel at home. Oh, one thing I found out – just because their tags say Texas or South Dakota, doesn’t mean they’re really from there or live there now. It’s a tax thing that I’m too young to understand yet.
Oh yeah, it was raining when we got here and the mamas had to get out and unhitch Gully. They didn’t like that much, but it could have been raining a lot harder. It’s still early, so I’m going to telecommunicate with my cousins and enjoy that for a while.
OK, pretty pleasant afternoon and evening. Well, except for the part where the mamas had a hard time getting me level. Harder on them than me though J  Turning in – nite, nite.

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