Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Figment – 08-24-11 WY/UT Trip – Home to Valley Center, KS

The day started out really weird. Around 4:30 a.m. Mama Conni comes out to the driveway in her p.j.s  and looks at my backside. Then, she went back in the garage and rummaged around. About 30 minutes later Mama Mary comes and checks out my backside. Since my engine isn’t running, I can’t see because my cameras aren’t powered on. This is really worrying me. OK, guess I’ll just have to settle until they tell me what’s going on.
OK, it’s about 5:30 a.m. and they have started loaded me for the trip. They weren’t even scheduled to be up until 7:00. Story is that Mama Conni, in her half-sleep, remembered that something just didn’t “look right” on my rear. When she finally worked it out, it was that the tow bar was missing. She looked for it and assumed that it had been stolen from either the RV dealership, a repair shop, or my storage space. After it finally got daylight and they could open my bins without waking the neighbors, it was found where the dealership had put it before taking me to the repair shop. Worrying about it prevented any more sleep though, so we hit the road way earlier than planned.
Afternoon -  Oh man, are the Mamas hot – literally. I think Mama Mary will update you on that. As for me, my puppies are screaming hot. Thought I’d be covered in blisters by the time we stopped for the nite. I’ve had a long hot day, so I’m headed to bed in this nice RV park. Nite, nite.

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