Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figment - 09-07-10

Oh wow, again! I’m home. Of course, you’ve gotta know that I’ve spent August and until now back at the shop. I’m so tired of either not being at home in my nice cozy storage or with my mamas. I hear talk that we’re headed to Indiana. That’s my birthplace, of course. I sure hope it’s a good thing and they’re not sending me back there for yet more work.
Oh goody, I just heard we’re going to our very first RV Rally. I’m going to get to take them places I’ve never been and get to meet lots of other RVs while they’re busy doing rally things.
Well, they’re starting to load me up with all that stuff they think they need to travel. Think I’ll just take a nice snooze while all that’s going on.

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