Saturday, August 18, 2012

Conni – 07-27/28-12 WY/Canada Trip – Banff, AB
Parts of these days were spent mostly around camp and town. We drove around the area to grab some more pictures. We took a road up the backside of Tunnel Mountain and got some pictures of the Banff Springs Hotel and the Bow River that runs behind it.

We also drove up Sulphur Mountain where Mary spotted a grizzly about 10ft off the road (this is inside Banff town limits). We had just passed two parked Park Rangers who had shotguns (not deadly ammo) on their hood. When Mary spotted the bear, she pointed it out to them. They’re harassing them to keep them safe from people and vice versa. I hate that, but I know it’s necessary. Anyway, being a good citizen barely allowed us enough time to take a quick pic from the Jeep. When we first spotted him, he was fully exposed - no bushes or trees blocking him. Of course that didn't last :)  Look almost exactly in the center of the picture, just to the right of the tree. 

Here’s some street entertainers on Banff Avenue:

Just down from our camp there is a pullout to view the Bow River and some Hoodoos:

We went for one last drive on Hwy 1A to look for wildlife. No luck in the 4-legged kind, but we did spot an Osprey.

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