Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Figment – 08-12-12 WY/Canada Trip – Dryden, ON to Ely, MN
Most of the drive today was on two lane roads thru beautiful forest. I went about two hours or so and saw no numbered crossroads, houses, or businesses, etc. We probably saw no more than 20-30 other vehicles the entire time.
A while after traveling thru the forest, we crossed the border back into the U.S. at International Falls, MN.  In preparation, the Mamas took stock of how much liquor we had on board (not much left J) and what fresh foods we had. Mama Conni dutifully gave them all the information. Of course, this couldn’t be as easy as entering Canada. No jokes about our party time of drinks, etc. this time. They were very interested in our food, so we had to pull into a different area so someone could come on board and check everything out.

A lady officer came aboard and asked about 20 questions concerning what we had. We were told to just sit in our seats and to hold Sadie while she looked in the refrigerator and cabinets where Sadie’s food and treats were stored. It really wasn’t bad, as all she took was our tomato, bell pepper, and garlic. We were able to keep other things, including our B.C. cherries. The whole thing only took about 10 minutes or so.
I was ready to head out as soon as she left. But, guess what? Another officer had pulled over an 18-wheeler that didn’t have all the correct paperwork. He had him park where he blocked the exit. He didn’t seem to be concerned at all that we would have to wait. Luckily, another officer from the original building came out and was concerned about our situation. He said that the trucker might be finished up in about 30 minutes or so. So, the Mamas told him they’d just fix some lunch and eat and then see if we could get out. After lunch was finished, they were told that the trucker would be there a while longer. So, the Mamas got out and unhitched Gully, I backed up, they re-hitched, and we left by the original route. Bet not many people have had lunch on the border or had to un-hitch to get out of there.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but a beautiful drive. I went past lake after lake after lake. And, to top it off, Mama Mary got us a campsite right on the edge of a lake. If you could see me, you’d see me smiling.

Waiting in line at the US border crossing

Our spot on the lake in Ely

My own private dock on the water

View from the dock

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