Saturday, August 18, 2012

Figment – 07-30-12 WY/Canada Trip – Cochrane to Sherwood Park, AB
Boy, oh boy, that was not so bad. I was only in the shop for about 2 hours while the Mamas whiled the time away at a nearby Starbucks. I’m all fixed and I feel good!
I hit the road again to take the Mamas to see their friends in Sherwood Park. Remember our company in Banff? The wind was in my face and I loved it. There wasn’t too much traffic and our trip was similar to first coming into Canada – mostly flat, but gently rolling, with planted fields everywhere. It was a very pretty drive. I was styling, if you know what I mean?

Well, it was all good until we started looking for my campgrounds. Some roads were being worked on and closed and the owners didn’t know how to give good directions. With Mama Mary’s help with the GPS and talking to workmen on the road, we found the place after an hour or so. We’re all tired, so I’m gonna hit the sack even before the Mamas tonite. Nite. Nite.

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