Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conni – 08-12-12 WY/Canada Trip –Ely, MN
Ely(E-lee) is the largest "jumping off" town for the BWCAW “Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness”, with extensive outfitting and other services. It can credibly be claimed to do the most wilderness canoe outfitting of any town or city in the world.

The BWCAW is a 2 million acre federal preserve that may be the best place in the lower 48 to heed the call of the wild.

Within its borders are endless forests and more than 2000 lakes, but no roads, homes, stores, motorboats, telephone cables or power lines. In other words, it’s nature in its purest form.

Not surprisingly, this great natural expanse has attracted some noted outdoorsmen to Ely. Perhaps the best known is the late Charles Kuralt, who so loved the town that he bought a radio station here.

“Ely appears to be the end of the road for people who love the wilderness, beauty and solitude, “ Mr. Kuralt wrote. “On the contrary, it’s the center of the world.”
That’s a large tribute to a small town.

This was one of our favorite stops of the whole trip. We’re already talking about coming back.

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