Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Conni – 08-03-12 WY/Canada Trip – Jasper National Park, AB
We went for a drive again looking for wildlife. Most of the time, it doesn’t seem to pay off well. This time we lucked out though. We drove into B.C., which wasn’t far from Jasper and saw a pretty little lake right by the road and the entrance to Mount Robson Park.



From there, we drove into the park and kept looking for anything. I had just made up my mind that we had gone far enough when I saw traffic ahead. Typically, it means roadwork or someone has spotted something alive (could be anything). So, we drove on ahead and got in line trying to see what everyone else saw. Great catch, it was a young grizzly. There were concrete barricades beside the road, which kept people separated from the bear and it was a good distance away. I got out of the Jeep and crossed the road to take pictures and Mary stayed and waited until she could turn the jeep around and join me. Glad I had the telephoto lens with me!  


All this posing does tire one out ....
OK, we were pretty jazzed and ready to head back and check on Sadie. We hadn’t been back too long when Mary thought she might have seen a black wolf outside Figment just one campsite over from us. We both tried to spot it again out the windows and discovered that it was actually a mama black bear with one cub. We had heard berries were plentiful this year and were bringing the bears closer than usual. And, sure enough, that’s what they were eating. It was really surprising to both of us how small the mama was. We hopped in the jeep and managed to get a few shots when they passed right in front of us. Sadly, it was a shady park road and the pictures were taken through the windshield so they aren't very good but we just had to share them anyway.

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