Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mary – 08-9-12 WY/Canada Trip – Portage La Prairie, MN to Dryden, ON
We flew through Winnepeg, anxious to get to the northern Ontario lake region. We've never seen so many lakes so close together. There were lots of islands, some with a home or two, on many. We especially love how the trees go right down to the shores. We took a lot of pictures -- most out the window --  as we drove to Dryden where we plan to stay for a few days of rest.

Northwest Ontario's lakes are evident on this map!
Dryden is located at the top of the map. We decided to take
Hwy 502 south to Minnesota rather than the route
highlighted on this map.

The lakes were all so lovely, I couldn't resist showing quite a few pictures. Double click to enlarge any you'd like to see better.





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