Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Figment – 08-05-12 WY/Canada Trip – Jasper National Park to St Albert, AB
OK, I had to sit still in the campground while the Mamas and Sadie got to take side trips within the park. But, I did get to see a black bear up close and there were chipmunks running around. And, as usual, I did spend some time visiting with my cousins. So, other than being a little frightened by the bear, I had fun too.
Today took us back out of the park and towards Edmonton again. Same scenery, but amazing how a different direction changes what you see.

I saw rugged mountains, glaciers, forests, alpine meadows, broad valleys, and wild rivers. Mama Mary even saw some mountain goats, so I slowed down for some pictures to be taken.

Adult and baby on a ledge
I was sorry to leave the over 4300 square mile park behind. I’m already thinking I would like to come back.

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