Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mary – 08-17-12 WY/Canada Trip – Woodbury, MN (St Paul)
Today was fabulous. I was able to meet one of my Lupie Facebook friends in person. Theresa lives in a small Wisconsin town just across the border from St. Paul, MN. As soon as I realized we would be heading east to Ontario before heading south towards home, I sent her a note to see if she was available and would like to meet. It all came together and we, along with Conni, met for lunch. We recognized each other immediately and gave each other huge hugs in true Lupus sisterhood fashion. The bond formed by people with a shared chronic illness is amazing and wonderful.  Theresa is just as sweet and delightful as I knew she would be from following her and her blog. We talked and shared and questioned and talked some more ... non-stop for two hours. None of us wanted the lunch to end. Unfortunately, we had to part but remembered to get a couple of pictures to remember the day. I think if I was smiling any harder I'd cause permanent damage to my face. Conni and I both wish Theresa lived closer - I know she'd love the Lupie Sisters I'm blessed to have near me at home. We parted agreeing to virtual coffee breaks, which I'm very much looking forward to in the future. Love you girl!


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