Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conni – 08-15-12 WY/Canada Trip – Ely, MN
Today we went to town to do a little sweatshirt/t-shirt shopping. We visited many shops. One thing we noticed right away was how friendly everyone was. It was really nice and made you feel at home.
We had a bacon cheeseburger at Boathouse Restaurant & Brewpub and Mary claimed it to be the best she had ever had. I think I have to agree with her.

As we were leaving town, I spotted a bird on the road. I immediately pulled over and watched in horror as 3 cars straddled it and went on their way. The last one’s wheels were so close that the wind turned it upside down. I ran out in the street and grabbed it and ran back to the car. It was a woodpecker. Neither of us knew if it would live or not, but decided to put it back across the street next to some trees. I had just gotten back in Gully when I spied a cat about 30 ft. away heading that direction. So, back out of the Jeep, across the road, snatched it up, and back again. It had its beak open the whole time, so we gave it a tiny drink of water from a bottle cap. It seemed to like it and it seemed to help a little. So now we try to figure out where to take it. As we drove, it didn’t seem to get any better, so we drove back into town looking for a vet. Well, you can hope? This apparently was long enough for shock to be over and for it to recuperate a little. It started trying to get out of Mary’s lap. So, decision time again. It’s trying to fly in the Jeep. We find yet another spot to release it. Mary takes it this time over to some trees. She actually put it on a limb and it was able to stay. Well, for a minute. Then it flew away. We watched until it was out of sight. Pretty nice save, I think.

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