Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mary – 08-15-12 WY/Canada Trip –Ely, MN
Figment and Conni have covered most of the Ely sites and activities but I couldn't resist including a note about food. In addition to the best hamburger ever, I had the best frozen custard ever. What we call frozen custard in the south doesn't hold a candle to Red Cabin Custard in Ely, MN.

The description on their Facebook page says it all: Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream. It's kind of like the difference between making ice cream with skim milk versus making it with eggnog. Frozen Custard has approximately 3 to 4 times the butterfat content than soft serve ice milk or ice cream, and contains egg yolks which are not present in the others. It also has virtually zero air pumped into it, known as overrun. Soft serve and ice cream are at least 50% air.
And, they make it fresh every single day. I had a turtle. Oh so yummy.

Decisions, decisions .....

The Turtle

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